What is a Push Notification?

It is a system used to send instant messages to your users through browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Android Smartphones.
By using these notifications you can:

Promote new products, content of your website, blog, eCommerce or online business.

Keep your customers updated in real time.

Analyze your reports and know how your sending has worked.

Web Push means generating more traffic

The web push notifications have a visibility rate close to 90% and are perfect to transmit the news of your eCommerce, the latest news of your blog and interact with your customers at the most opportune moment.
Get a fantastic click rate that allows you to make your business more profitable.

Your messages arrive at the best moment

Web push notifications are displayed when the client accesses the browser, which means that your message will be seen at the best time and with your user's full attention.

Get more sales in your eCommerce

With the push messages your customers will know at once the news and promotions in your shop. Has the customer placed products in the cart and has not bought them? Send them a notification and give them free shipping costs. Have you made any purchases recently? Suggest associated products and increase second sales as promotions.

Enhance tracking on your site

Interact instantly with the user behavior of your website. Is the customer in the 'T-shirts' category? Send a notification with the model in promotion or related products.

Your readers will always be aware of your new content

Generate recurring visits to your blog or news portal by sending a push notification whenever you publish new content and keep your followers up to date.

Customize your push messages

Pushtide gives you the opportunity to personalize the messages with: texts, buttons, emojis, images, icons, delivery schedule, automation; everything can be adapted to your needs.

Guaranteed delivery

Forget about anti-spam filters, email SPAM folders or forgotten SMS. Web push notifications arrive instantly in your client's browser even if he's somewhere else browsing.

Easy to Integrate

You only need to insert a small HTML code on your website. Copy, paste and go! Pushtide will analyze your site's traffic so you can define your actions.

Now you're up to date

Are you ready to interact with your customers and increase your traffic?

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